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Relationships That Lift You Up!

Seeking personal relationships that are authentic, emotionally close, supportive, and fulfilling...?

Release that sense of "settling" for less love, less nurture, less real partnership in your relationships.

Wanting work relationships where you feel that you make a difference, where work and play are hard to distinguish...?

Release the feeling of drudgery in your daily employment world.

What if you knew you could get what you want in a world where others also get what they want...?

Release the belief that you must either dominate or be dominated in every relationship.

Could every relationship support your evolution, and also support others in theirs...?

Release the frustrations of hiding behind masks of conformity and expectation.

Right now, you probably have some relationships that feel great, and some that feel not-so-great. How wonderful would your life be if you could have more great relationships, and more relationships that are even greater than the great ones you already have? That's where I come in. My expertise lies in your early learning processes. I know how you grew your skills and capacities for being in relationships...in the first 2,500 days of your life.

Release Relationship Struggles & Embrace Relationship Evolution!

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Dr. L. Carol Scott.

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