Dr. Scott’s Keynotes

If your audience seeks greater success in work and in life, Dr. L. Carol Scott is ready with a surprising secret to unlock hidden potential and unleash productivity. Empowering healthier boundaries and self-confidence, reducing triggered reactivity, and expanding creative energy for innovation, her message transforms individuals, teams, and organizational cultures.

TEDx Talk

To open the night’s TEDx stage on the theme of Big Dreams: The Lost Art of Dreaming, Dr. L. Carol Scott’s “Never Lost Forever” inspired listeners to follow their most passionate dreams. As one of Dr. Scott’s earliest keynotes, her TEDx talk demonstrates her unique view of adult success through the lens of early childhood development.

I have heard raves from those who were in attendance, how you spoke to many personally, sharing your humor, wisdom and insights. We would love to welcome you back in the future! Thank you again for sharing your light so magnificently.

~Hazel B., Prescott AZ

New Keynotes, 2024-2025

Transforming Trauma:

Empowering Early Learning Communities with Resilience and Hope

In early education environments like Head Start, pre-K, and child care, the daily grind of poverty and the weight of trauma are ever-present, and educators face unique challenges. Teachers, directors, parents, and children may ALL be locked in survival, exhaustion, and burnout. This session offers a beacon of hope for those who work in these challenging landscapes.

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Dr. L. Carol Scott understands that, along with the usual concerns for children’s learning and development, early educators often “juggle” the impacts of systemic inequalities and generational trauma. She dives beneath that struggle, transforming how educators perceive and interact with the very real circumstances facing children and their families.

Dr. Scott provides these early learning heroes with practical tools that expand their inner stability and their capacity for the peaceful attention children need them to have. Attendees learn how to shift from reactive responses to proactive, empowered choice, and how to cultivate an internal structure that supports resilience. They return to their Monday morning roles with a stronger emotional intelligence and healthier boundaries, better prepared to face their extraordinary work stress, including secondary trauma.

Key takeaways:

    1. Understand Trauma: Gain insights into how trauma affects behavior and learning in children, and its impacts on the entire early learning community.
    2. Empowerment through Self-Awareness: Learn how to identify and manage personal triggers, leading to more mindful interactions with children and colleagues.
    3. Practical Tools for Resilience: Acquire surprising new strategies to build emotional stability, and enhance the nurturing environment for children.
    4. Inspiration for Hope and Change: Recognize the profound impact of early educators as they shape the future of children, and embrace the potential to make a difference.

Recommended audiences: Head Start Association conferences, AEYC conferences, international early learning conferences

Engaging the Whole Brain:

Unlocking Emotional Intelligence in Your Team

In today’s workplace, whether in government agencies, nonprofits, small businesses, or large corporations, leaders face significant workforce challenges that include interpersonal conflict, team drama, and widespread burnout. These and other emotional issues lead to disharmony within teams, turnover, and decreased productivity.

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Dr. L. Carol Scott’s enlightening and inspiring keynote delves into the parts of the brain that smoothly, safely drive your interpersonal car…or crash it. She introduces audience members to their Lizard, Chimpanzee, and Novelist–the central nervous system’s three crucial contributions to their success as humans, as relationship-based beings. The Novelist enables the creative self, the thinker, imagineer, and innovator. The Lizard is the watchful self, perpetually ready to fight, flee, fawn, or freeze in response to threats and stress. And the Chimpanzee is the relational self, seeking to connect, build a family, and create communities of mutual benefit.

As Dr. Scott explores the influences of our three-part brain on adult interactions and relationships, she both expands listeners’ self-awareness and shares practical tools. As they learn to recognize these brain influencers–the Lizard, Chimp, and Novelist–and work with them, leaders foster a more dynamic, creative, and cohesive team environment. This unique keynote delivers successful strategies to effectively address and mitigate workplace conflict and burnout, and to engage, motivate, and retain top talent.

Key takeaways:

    1. Understand Brain Function: Insights into the Lizard, Chimpanzee, and Novelist aspects of your brain and their impact on behavior and interactions.
    2. Enhance Leadership Tools: New strategies to inspire and motivate team members, expanding awareness of their creative, reactive, and relational brain functions.
    3. Improve Team Engagement: Discover techniques to better connect with others, via shared, universal mental processes that operate uniquely in each team member.
    4. Conflict Resolution: Practical tools to address and resolve interpersonal and departmental conflicts, for a more harmonious and productive work environment.
    5. Burnout Mitigation: Successful leadership strategies to reduce burnout and promote innovation, emotional resilience, and productive teamwork.

Recommended audiences: Business/sales/marketing association meetings and conferences, leadership and management retreats, organizational celebrations/events.

How is Dr. Scott Unique ?

In a crowded field of speakers, Dr. L. Carol Scott stands out for her unique approach and transformative impact.

Demystifying Brain and Behavior

Demystifying Brain and Behavior

Dr. Scott breaks down complex neuroscience into accessible insights, revealing how our brains shape our behaviors and emotions. Her approach empowers audiences with a deeper self-awareness, personalizing the science of the brain and engaging listeners with applications for everyday life.

Personal and Professional Breakthroughs

Personal and Professional Breakthroughs

With her innovative framework for change, Dr. Scott bridges the gap between personal growth and professional success, ensuring transformative results in both arenas. Her unique success strategies take audiences far beyond “change your mindset,” as she links principles of brain science, human development, and learning with relatable examples from daily life. “You changed my life.” remains her most frequent (and favorite!) form of feedback.

Fosters Genuine Connection

Fosters Genuine Connection

With a warm and compassionate style, Dr. Scott creates an environment where empathy and mutual respect thrive. Her trauma-sensitive approach and widely inclusive language foster genuine connections with and encourage authentic responses from participants. Her message facilitates more open communication and more authentic relationships in all of life’s venues, from bar rooms to boardrooms, classrooms to churches, policy shops to parties.

Real Tools for the Real World

Real Tools for the Real World

Dr. Scott equips her audiences with practical, actionable tools designed to increase self-awareness, self-governance, and ego-awareness. Her motivational approach ensures that each participant leaves with clear, realistic strategies for becoming the leader of their life, freeing them from self-sabotaging behavior and limiting beliefs. Dr. Scott’s success strategies offer lasting change and personal empowerment to every audience.
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Ratings & reviews

  •  "We were guided with such grace and ease into opening doors for ourselves. Carol's approach is soft, warm, authentic, and comfortable. I felt understood at a level that allowed me to be vulnerable enough to grow."

  •  "Really enjoyed Dr. Scott's humor, real-life experiences and great enthusiasm!"

  •  "She was awesome—very down to earth and I really felt she understood me."

  •  "Thanks for articulating what I've always instinctively known."

  •  "Provided a way "to explore my inner world, reality and thought process."