If you read Dr. Scott’s books or enjoyed one of her workshops or keynotes, you may be looking for a little extra conversation about what you learned. Not yet ready for full-on coaching, even short-term or in a group, you just want somebody who “gets it” to talk about your learning curve, your recovery journey, your growing self-awareness, and practical applications of the seven Success Strategies. Listen to Carol speak about her work in these audio and video clips.

Latest Podcast

Carol has appeared as a guest speaker in multiple podcasts on subjects from childhood to work relationships.

Leadership LensPodcast with Dr. L Carol Scott
Guest on Human Capital InnovationsDr. Jonathan H. Westover talks with Dr. L. Carol Scott about using self-aware success strategies (SASS) to expand human capital.Listen here.

TEDx TALK Guest Speaker

With a theme of Big Dreams: The Lost Art of Dreaming, Dr. Scott speaks to the origins of dreams and how they can never be lost forever. Listen to the entire TEDx TALK below.

The Best of SNAP!

For her first two years as an RV nomad, Carol offered 15-minute Facebook Live “S.N.A.P. Seminars” every Tuesday at Noon Central time. These invitations to “Sit. Now. And. Ponder.” some aspect of what was then called the “Childhood Treasures” –now Self-Aware Success Strategies–were “the best 15 minutes in your week” for listeners.

With assistance from a friend with videographer skills, Carol is now compiling the very best bytes from those delightful weekly “riffs.” Now you will be able to enjoy at your leisure the best of the best! Relax and listen to Carol, in her own lovely and resonant voice, share her wide and deep knowledge of early development and its role in your success today!

Watch for these “Best of S.N.A.P.” releases as we complete and upload them here!

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Ratings & reviews

  •  "We were guided with such grace and ease into opening doors for ourselves. Carol's approach is soft, warm, authentic, and comfortable. I felt understood at a level that allowed me to be vulnerable enough to grow."

  •  "Really enjoyed Dr. Scott's humor, real-life experiences and great enthusiasm!"

  •  "She was awesome—very down to earth and I really felt she understood me."

  •  "Thanks for articulating what I've always instinctively known."

  •  "Provided a way "to explore my inner world, reality and thought process."