RISE Virtual Coaching Series

Imagine a new you: more self-confident, less stressed, more joyful. Imagine yourself rising, climbing the heights to achieve a new vista. To reach this change of view requires a change of you.

But you’re ready for that change. I know because you’re here, reading this invitation. You already seek your best self. For the path straight to her door, click right here.  Join me and RISE! Come along on a free, five-day journey. As we travel, you will release drama and negative thinking, and all your relationships of significance will RISE too.

Let’s replace your bumpy road of reactivity and painful emotions. While we’re at it, how about we use a highway with some curbs to keep you out of co-dependence? The truly great news, luv, is that this new road goes confidently up whatever mountain you face. Ready?

Enroll now in RISE, my free, 5-day Virtual Coaching Series to elevate your social and emotional intelligence. Level up with self-awareness. Truly see, and then rise above all the barriers that have stopped you before.

The RISE Virtual Coaching Series offers a short path to peace and freedom in all your relationship venues—at home, work, or in the wider world. I invite you to fit these free virtual tools into five days that work best in your unique schedule. Each day:

• You receive a short video invitation to take some new steps; watch whenever you’ve got five minutes!

• To increase self-awareness and integrate the message, dive right into or save the email to read in a bigger time window.

• When you’re ready to engage deeply, the “Development Do-Over” empowers you to reflect on and hone your understanding.

As you move through five days of content at your own pace, you will see more clearly how you “do relationships” right now and how to RISE on a higher road.

As an extra lift for your rising, also read the updated Second Edition of Become Your SASSy S.E.L.F., my 29-page “book-ette” on the Self-Aware Success Strategies: Trust, Independence, Faith, Negotiation, Vision, Compromise, and Acceptance. I will send that along with your first of five emails!

Realize Reality is your friend


Invite change into your life and then Initiate it


Save your S.E.L.F., be yourself


Explore and Embrace Opportunity fearlessly


I know you’re ready to elevate your life…or you wouldn’t still be reading. You CAN start expecting more good outcomes in life and getting them.

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