Self-Aware Success

Live your own life out loud in a chorus of community. Feel supported, know your value to others, and connect with others more fully than you ever thought you could.

What if you could really get along with anyone, with everyone. Not just “go along” but truly get along in enjoyable harmony?

Be productive, have fun, and bring all that you are and can be to the playgrounds where you play. All you need is the SASS, a set of strategies you were always meant to have. You were intended to:

• TRUST with the self-confidence of a newborn
• Revel in your INDEPENDENCE of self-expression like a toddler
• Believe in every possibility with the FAITH of a three-year-old
• Achieve win:win solutions with the NEGOTIATION skills of a four
• Empower a group with the VISION of a kindergartner
• Find group harmony with the community minded COMPROMISE of a first grader
• Face the ups and downs of life with the calm ACCEPTANCE of a second grader

This was your intended toolkit of strategies for authentic relationships. The strategies you developed to get along on the playgrounds of adult life may, however, be quite different: co-dependence, manipulation, bullying, fawning, clowning, isolating…

How about an example?

The Success Strategy of Trust

Do you TRUST that others will see your needs and meet them? Do you depend on others to be there for you? You cannot be successful in any relationship without the Infant Success Strategy of Trust.


As a newborn your strategy to Trust was all you had. Through its application you “learned” whether it worked or you needed to develop alternative strategies to get your needs met. And what ARE your interpersonal needs, anyway? Do you know?

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Try a Free SASSy Sunday Salon

Try a Free SASSy Sunday Salon

SASSy Sunday Salons are open to anyone who wants to discuss the seven Self-Aware Success Strategies and their daily application in life. Salons are “open house” style, so it’s fine if you can’t stay the full 90 minutes. Come a little late if you need to, leave a little early if you must. Just bring your best S.E.L.F.!

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  •  "We were guided with such grace and ease into opening doors for ourselves. Carol's approach is soft, warm, authentic, and comfortable. I felt understood at a level that allowed me to be vulnerable enough to grow."

  •  "Really enjoyed Dr. Scott's humor, real-life experiences and great enthusiasm!"

  •  "She was awesome—very down to earth and I really felt she understood me."

  •  "Thanks for articulating what I've always instinctively known."

  •  "Provided a way "to explore my inner world, reality and thought process."