SASS Support for Children in Grief

Are you an educator, parent, or other adult caregiver of little ones who are bereaved? Even children as young as a few months are affected by significant loss in their lives. And many of us adults who would love to ease that journey for children in our homes or classrooms simply don’t know how.

This 90-minute workshop gives you a simple framework, founded on child development research, theory, and practice. Learn how loss affects children’s brain development and behavior, and gather specific tools from the Self-Aware Success Strategies—your own SASS.

We’ll focus on loss and grief in children ages 7 and younger, upon whom grief has the biggest and most long-lasting impacts.

Format: 90 Minute Zoom workshop; share recording with registrants afterward

(UPDATED) Date and Time: October 1st, 11:00AM – 12:30PM PDT

Price: $40 per participant

Future Workshop Topics (Dates TBD)

  • SASSy Trauma Recovery
  • SASS for Holiday Gatherings
  • Resolution Revolution with the SASS
  • SASSy Money

Meet Your Learning Facilitator

Dr. L Carol Scott

Carol is a #1 International Bestselling Amazon author, TEDx speaker, and success coach. As a trauma-informed developmental psychologist, she introduces you to the human birthright of SASS—Self-Aware Success Strategies to help you get along better on the adult playgrounds where you play. Carol has a PhD in Developmental Psychology and a career working with hundreds of children and families.

Past Work

• Expertise in child-centered, constructivist curriculum frameworks and classroom practice, Magda Gerber and RIE parenting. Respects Teacher Tom and Janet Lansbury

• Nationally-respected early childhood education faculty and trainer – “A breath of fresh air.”

• Experience with Parents As Teachers, Head Start, university-run preschools, child care centers and family child care homes, K-3 public school classrooms, Out-of-School programs, public pre-K, and the many educational and government systems that support and oversee them

• Education in and experience as an adult educator in nonprofit and state training programs, state and national conferences, community colleges, and universities

Past & Upcoming Roles

• President for Child Care Aware® of America board (2014-2016)

• Chair of Missouri Coordinating Board for Early Childhood (2017)

• Author of Let the Child Shine: Teaching to the Brilliance in a Young Child (2019)

• Cadre speaker for Child Care Aware® of Washington ELEVATE Conference, October 2022

• Trainer for TECPA, The Early Childhood Professional Association, February 2022

• Keynote Speaker, Idaho Head Start Association. February 2022