Personal Coaching

Something’s definitely not right and you need a private space to talk it through—confidential, safe, and supportive. We’ve got you, boo.

Where’s your pain point? In your marriage? Between you and your mom? With your bestie? Your ex? Is your boss the monster of your nightmares? No matter who the dance partner in your drama, more than toes have been stepped on.

You’re in real pain but don’t want therapy… You just need to talk to someone who gets relationship issues. Someone understanding and practical, yet philosophical and comforting.

Talk to Carol for 20 minutes to see how SASSy Self-Aware Success Strategy Coaching can ease your pain and SASS up your relationship of choice.

Being Brilliant with Dr. Scott

Do you already consider yourself a sassy, smart, woman of power, leading in your life from a place of self-awareness? Fabulous! That means you know there’s always room to grow and you’re committed to investing in your process of becoming your best self.

Apply for a spot in Carol’s SASSy Woman Coaching group, BEING BRILLIANT, and invest in your full potential. Meet twice weekly with Carol and a powerhouse of fellow SASS seekers, soak up ALL the support in a private Voxer group, and engage with the transformational content of the Self-Aware Success Strategies at a more intimate, spiritual level. Membership subscription.

Application for BEING BRILLIANT

Ratings & reviews

  •  "We were guided with such grace and ease into opening doors for ourselves. Carol's approach is soft, warm, authentic, and comfortable. I felt understood at a level that allowed me to be vulnerable enough to grow."

  •  "Really enjoyed Dr. Scott's humor, real-life experiences and great enthusiasm!"

  •  "She was awesome—very down to earth and I really felt she understood me."

  •  "Thanks for articulating what I've always instinctively known."

  •  "Provided a way "to explore my inner world, reality and thought process."