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Team development retreats have never been like this before! A dynamic and inspirational speaker, I bring a unique and surprising lens to the workplace. Bring me to your team in-person, or schedule me virtually, via Zoom classroom. You'll be amazed by the results.


Is your team's productivity limited by interpersonal drama? Do misunderstandings, anger, resentments, betrayals, and defensiveness get in the way of the work? This 7 Facets of Team Success workshop will change your world. Learn how you might start getting all those facets sparkling in your team's results!

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If your strategic or organizational purpose is thwarted by interpersonal dynamics that look more like a dysfunctional family than a functional corporate body, Team FLASH! is your solution!

Intensive, interactive sessions across several days get team members working together on the intentional and shared development of trust, boundaries, negotiation skills, or the ability to compromise. 

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