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A dynamic and motivational speaker, I bring a kaleidoscope lens to teachers' toolboxes! My book just for teachers, Let the Child Shine: Teaching to the Brilliance in a Young Child, provides the foundation.

The model of the 7 Childhood Treasures enables teachers to see children in their true colors! Teachers expand their authenticity, as they learn evidence-based skills and gain new understanding of early social and emotional development.

Particularly relevant for early childhood teachers, from birth to third grade, and the administrators of those programs, my sessions can also engage educators and administrators for all ages of children and youth in a unique application of child development theory and research. 

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Workshops for Child Care and Preschool Educators

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Adults cannot help a child develop a capacity they do not, themselves, already own. To help every child be the best they can be, teachers and parents need to understand early development, yes. AND they need a deeper understanding of their own early experiences. That powerful tool will change you for the better, forever. 

7 Childhood Treasures workshops are designed to help teachers and parents develop both their knowledge about children, and their awareness of themselves, as key contributors to children's development. 

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Child care or preschool directors and Parents as Teachers directors, I invite you to contact me to schedule a session today! 


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Before out-of-control tantrums, defiance, or lying, and long before stealing, drugs and alcohol, teen pregnancy, or criminal activity, there are opportunities to avoid them all.

7 Childhood Treasures workshops are for all parents, any parents. Are you a brand new parent who wants to support her child's best social and emotional development right from the start? Are you a parent living in daily struggle with a child of any age who seems emotionally out of control or socially isolated? Either way, a Parenting 911 session can change your life. It's easy! Just contact us for a presentation to your parent group, in-person or virtually, by Zoom classroom.

Living in struggle with an adult child (18+)? Develop the joy in that relationship with our group sessions and consultation for Individuals

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