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Okay! Now you’ve read Just Be Your S.E.L.F.—Your Guide to Improving Any Relationship...what’s next? You’ve worked through some of my "developmental DO-over" exercises. Yet…. You still BE in all these relationships that feel raggedy! What to DO? Where to BEgin?

DO join me for the next steps! Come BE more of your S.E.L.F.! Join me and others motivated for more developmental DO-overs to BE more Self-governed, Ego-aware, Leading, and Free in our lives. We will DO, BE, DO, BE, DO all this in my life-changing online class.

My Family, My S.E.L.F. goes straight to the heart of the matter for most of us – the family in which we grew up and continue to live, as it grows and changes over time.

And what If you’ve already jettisoned bio-family relationships as too messy in your clan? Just given up after years of effort? You still need this class! Why? Because all that hot mess you “left-behind” influences every other relationship you have, whether you know it or not!

When family gathers, DO you still hope for joy and closeness? Yet, maybe you BE feelin' a little too much discomfort—or outright pain—mixed with, or in the absence of that happy connection. If so, let's DO leave that stress BEhind! It’s time for some next-level developmental DO-overs...and a BEing brimming with joy!

More Peace, More Love

How would you like to create more peaceful and loving relationships with the siblings, parents, in-laws, and out-laws in your family of origin, with all its current* extensions and hangers-on?

*(Sorry, former spouses and those who have died are not included!

They and current spouses/partners get their own classes!)

In five rich weeks – four two-hour evening sessions and one four-hour session on a Saturday morning – this online class includes a wealth of new content to pull the lessons of Just Be Your S.E.L.F. more deeply into your life.

WHAT ARE YOU IN FOR? (Click for list of modules and lessons)

Register now for your choice of:

Class Only (20 precious seats, going fast!)

Class Plus Focus Group (Optional Bonus for up to 10 of the class seats)

This class-plus option adds you to a private Facebook group where some of my tribe are a source of input to my books and classes. During the five weeks of our class, get exclusive glimpses at future concepts, outlines, and drafts, and tell me how they work for you, or don’t!

Class Plus Consulting (Optional VIP Bonus for up to 6 of the class seats)

In this class-plus option, you add weekly video chats on Zoom—one during each of the five weeks of our class—to speak with me one-on-one about specifics of your origin family’s interactions. We can use this individualized setting to polish up subtle facets of just the right Treasures for your needs, for 45 minutes each week.

Class Calendar

Tuesdays, April - May -- closed.

Watch for upcoming dates this fall/winter!

Just Be Your S.E.L.F. -- (workshops or intensives customized for your group)

No matter who you are, you likely missed some important opportunities to learn a healthy dance for adult relationships...all in your first seven years. Maybe you suffered Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Or maybe you had pretty good parents, who can be accused of nothing worse than PUI--Parenting While Uniformed. Either way, your early years may have left you with some relationship baggage. Which of your relationships could benefit, right now, from more of these Treasures?


In these custom-designed workshops and intensives for your board, staff, club, or school, I help you dig deeply and mine those precious jewels now, for more joy and excitement in all your relationships, at home and at work. Learn specific strategies for releasing your relationship struggles and embracing the full potential of all your relationships to uplift your life, rather than drag you down.

Find out how you can build a home for your Self-governed, Ego-aware, Leading, Free S.E.L.F., anchored by seven assets for "adulting" in relationships. Fuel your journey into every close relationship in your life--spouses/partners, parents, adult children, friends, and neighbors--with Choice, Agency, and Responsibility.  

These 7 Childhood Treasures classes range from 2-hour workshops to weekend-long intensives, customized for your live audience. 

Contact me to discuss what works best for your setting

Individual Consultation

(45 minutes each session, by phone or online) Contact me to schedule

  • Dig In:  One consultation session to explore which of the 7 Childhood Treasures will most relieve your current struggles.
  • Test Drive Your C.A.R.:  Save on three consultations and explore how mining your 7 Childhood Treasures creates more Choice, Agency, and Responsibility as the vehicle for your life.
  • Just Be Your S.E.L.F.: Make a real investment in your life and save BIG on a "baker's dozen" of consultations. In 13 weekly conversations with me, begin your journey to becoming Self-governed, Ego-aware, Leading in your life, and Free of self-imposed barriers.


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