Corporate Coaching

We used to think we barred the interpersonal at the corporate door but now we know better. Productivity is still the point, but relationships are clearly the path to that point. And a messy, twisting path it can be.

What comes to your workplace every day is a gaggle of human beings, not robots with turned-off feelings. Your gaggle is diverse, across all the dimensions of human variability. No two are the same, even if from the same generation, race, or gender… even the same family.

And they all have to get along, not just a little bit, but like a well-oiled machine. Because productivity is the point.

When the interpersonal interferes with the productive, the Self-Aware Success Strategies (SASS) are your solution. SASSy workplace strategies bring confidence, creativity, and assertive teamwork to the forefront while dialing back the drama and building the emotional intelligence of your associates.

Meet the Coach for a short conversation. Learn how the Self-Aware Success Strategies—Dr. Scott’s SASS—can power up your productivity.

Ratings & reviews

  •  "We were guided with such grace and ease into opening doors for ourselves. Carol's approach is soft, warm, authentic, and comfortable. I felt understood at a level that allowed me to be vulnerable enough to grow."

  •  "Really enjoyed Dr. Scott's humor, real-life experiences and great enthusiasm!"

  •  "She was awesome—very down to earth and I really felt she understood me."

  •  "Thanks for articulating what I've always instinctively known."

  •  "Provided a way "to explore my inner world, reality and thought process."