Connection. Connection. Connection.

hands 2545754 640Ships passing in the night is a poignant image for a missed opportunity at romance. Does it also describe you and your child or children?

From birth, you are your child's berth, her slip at the marina, the dock she is tied to. Are you as connected to your child as he is to you? In parenting and education of children, connection isn't just an important thing.

It's the only thing.  

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Patience and the Vulture

vultureI remember a cartoon I saw years ago, of two vultures in a tree. One turns to the other and says, "Patience, my a**! I'm going to kill something." A quick search showed me it's still pretty popular. I found dozens of memes, some with drawings and some with photos. 

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Are Toddlers Truly Terrible?

toddler tantrumFrom two Whole Foods aisles away, I could hear him screaming. It was head-splitting, even at that distance. There were no words; just the angry, piercing screams, over and over. The only breaks seemed to be for the purpose of pulling in new breath for the next scream. My diagnosis from a distance: toddler tantrum.

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Recipe for a Bully

GirlRainbowI heard someone say the other day that a solution for society's ills is teachers in our public schools helping children develop empathy and compassion. Leaving aside my awareness that this comment revealed a vast lack of knowledge about what most teachers' lives are like these days, I simply responded, "There's an easier way to foster that development, at a more optimal time, though -- from birth up to three years of age." The astonishment I saw on the faces of the three others in this conversation, in turn, astonished me. 

I thought everyone knew that, not just child development geeks like me.

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Your Little Emperor

tic tac toe 1777936 640Parents and teachers of four-year-old children:  do not despair! Your child's attempts to rule the roost are normal! predictable! and part of learning to be a healthy adult!

Four-year-old children, whether boys or girls, all become Little Emperors -- rulers of their known universes. They are in a stage of learning about rules, laws, fairness, and justice. You will recognize this stage when it arrives, by the more regular occurrence of children's statements in the form of rules or requirements. You, dear adult, "must" do many things now--cut the crusts from bread, position the furniture just right, keep all portions equal in size, fold the clothes just so, tell girls they can't play doctor but only nurse....

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Full Moon Blues

full moon 2055469 640Are kids really crazier than usual on the Full Moon, the Blue Moon, or the Super Moon; after the grandparents' visit; after a weekend, or a Wednesday; or...when?

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