Passion is a Point of View

freedom mountaintopThe Daily Rundown on LinkedIn today (Saturday, June 30, 2018) had a bit about seeing our passions as works in progress. According to some research from Stanford and Yale-NUS College in Singapore, pursuit of a "passion as a singular thing that's waiting to be discovered" can limit our motivation to explore interests not previously considered.

The suggested remedy was to shift from a fixed focus on "my passion" as one thing, to the perspecitve that my passions are a work in progress.

Well, with all due respect to the institutions of Stanford and Yale, here's what I think about that.

Passions aren't singular--or plural--things. Passions aren't about working or journeying; they aren't processes that can be in progress.

Passions rise from being passionate. 

Passion is a point of vew. In fact, it's a lifestyle, a way of apprehending the whole of reality. In my framework of the 7 Facets of Team Success, Faith is the name of this perspective. Faith, or passion, is the ability to believe in the untried, unproven, and potentially impossible, as when Edison believed he could capture the awesome power of electricity in a small glass globe--that is the Team Success Facet of Faith. Belief in the impossible, the improbable, and the unlikely--that's Faith. In essence, it is a deep trust in our innate power to act. When we find that inner faith in our own agency, Faith becomes a passionate lifestyle.

You want everyone on your team to bring Faith to the work, to the conversation, to the design and development of your company's future, right? Of course you do! From first-level manager to CEO, who would turn down a passoinate workforce, charged up to challenge assumptions?

Well, here's your challenge as that manager or CEO: each individual on your team had the chance to capture Faith around three years of age...and many of them missed the window. Our fundamental capacities for emotional and social living were programmed to emerge from birth to seven years of age. Either we grabbed hold of them or they receded into the background, unclaimed. The results of those seven years of development are now hard-wired into our brains...until we decide to rewire them.

The phenomenal plasticity of the human brain means that developmental do-overs of that first three years can make the difference, between a team that shares the understanding that anything is possible, and a team that is going through the motions but missing the point. 

Which team do you want?


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