IN-NO-Vater to Innovator

follow crowdOh! For the innovators! How I dreamed, in every management position I ever held, for those who would innovate.

I cannot abide "yes men" and "yes women." I loathe the kisser-uppers, the flatterers, the ones who tell me my ideas are brilliant. Yeah. I know that. We can assume that the value of my ideas has been established by the fact that I got this job. Let's talk about your ideas now.

These yes-people are the ones who used to ride the in-no-vater straight out my door. IN NO way, were they able to create new ideas, outside of a very limited box of understanding. For years, that put them on the metaphorical moving stairway of the in-no-vater, out of the circle of my respect and attention, at least, if not out of the job.

Then, I put together the framework of the 7 Facets of Team Success and discovered an amazing truth. I can now grow innovators from many of those who once rode the in-no-vator out of my consideration. Would you like to know my secret ingredients for this transformation?

Well, I like to align with top influencers, so let's start with a definition by Gijs Van Wulfen, a recognised authority and worldwide keynote speaker on innovation. He describes "highly effective innovators as curious, creative, courageous, convincing, persistent, open-minded human beings."

Here are the Facets of Team Success that align with this defnition, the Facets I help teams put in place:

  • Curious -- Facets of Independence and Faith
  • Creative -- Facets of Faith and Vision
  • Courageous -- Facets of Trust, Faith, and Vision
  • Convincing -- Facets of Independence, Negotiation, and Compromise
  • Persistent -- Facets of Trust, Independence, and Acceptance
  • Open-minded -- Facets of Independence, Compromise, and Acceptance

Each of the 7 Facets of Team Success is based on a developmental milestone of emotional development, which any of us may not have captured in the early childhood years. When these assets are missed -- as they are by so many of us -- then the recovery work can begin any time after that. Even in adulthood, these early learning outcomes can be created as features of workplace teams. Curiousity and creativity can be fostered as new assets. Courage and persistence can be developed for the first time or expanded exponentially. We can create the capacity to balance being open-minded with convincingly expressing one's own point of view.

Oh, for the innovators! Let us no longer dream of them, but let us create them!


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