Because I'm Happy

Recently, Pharrell Williams was interviewed on one of my favorite TV shows, CBS Sunday Morning. You know who Pharrell is, right? The "Happy Man," as he has been called; singer/songwriter of a snappy melody and some of the best-known lyrics worldwide: "Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof.... Cuz I'm happy...."

strong babyThe interviewer was asking Pharrell to talk about his gifts, talent, and skills as a musician and he wouldn't do it. Steadfastly, he attributed his success to opportunities and blessings in his life, such as great music teachers in high school. After Pharrell named all these teachers, the interviewer said, "It sounds like you're attributing your success to them." "Well," Williams replied, "who am I without them? Really...think about it...."

Pharrell's adamant refusal to brag about himself or his gifts, his unremitting gratitude for everyone who has supported him and for opportunities life has brought him, seemed to frustrate or confuse this interviewer. Brow furrowed, he said, "Well, surely you've spent some time thinking about what you're good at, the things at which you excel," Pharrell replied, "I think that's when you start to fail."

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